National goalkeeper Manuel Neuer invests in VAHA

VAHA is an interactive fitness mirror that is set to revolutionize the entire value chain of the fitness industry by bringing the gym into the living room using state-of-the-art technology. Personal trainers, live courses and a variety of on-demand workouts with motion analysis are streamed directly into your own four walls via the mirror surface.

For Manuel Neuer, joining VAHA is an investment in Germany: "I am convinced that this fitness machine will help many people. It's uncomplicated, its variety makes it infinitely more fun, it's a real experience - and above all it can be used with the whole family and friends. I will support VAHA on their mission from now on".

VAHA CEO Valerie Bures-Bönström comments: "With Manuel Neuer on the team, we will not only make Germany a little bit fitter, but certainly the whole world as well."

Source: VAHA
Picture: VAHA