SALTO Systems takes over GANTNER Electronic

SALTO Systems, a leading manufacturer of electronic access control solutions, has acquired GANTNER Electronic Austria Holding GmbH, which specializes in electronic access, ticketing and billing systems as well as intelligent cabinet locking systems. In the course of this acquisition, the structure of SALTO's shareholders has also changed.

With around 1,200 employees in 40 countries, of which more than 230 work in research and development, a turnover of 260 million euros and the equipping of more than one million access points annually, SALTO, together with GANTNER, is consolidating its position as a world leader in electronic access control.

GANTNER is an Austrian company specializing in electronic access systems, intelligent cabinet locking systems, ticketing and accounting systems and time recording. It offers its customers solutions based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Field Communication (NFC) for use in fitness centers, swimming pools, spas, theme parks, universities and libraries as well as in commercial properties and public institutions.

The acquisition was made through a combination of capital increase, bank financing and cash. The capital increase amounts to EUR125 million and was subscribed by existing shareholders such as ALANTRA (ES) as well as new investors such as SOFINA (BE), PENINSULA CAPITAL (LUX) and FLORAC (FR). As a result, financial investors now together hold 30% of SALTO's shares, the remaining shares remain with the company's founders and management team (60%) and private investors (10%).

Source: SALTO
Picture: GANTNER