Bundestag decides Prevention Act

On 20.03.2013 the German Bundestag has introduced a bill to promote prevention. This represents a further step and was taken in order to advance the prevention and health management.

From 2014, the expenditure of health insurance for purposes of the prevention will be increased from three Euros to six Euros per insured, which means an additional provision of 180 million euros annually for precaution matters. Focus lie on the promotion of occupational disease prevention, especially in small and medium companies.

In occupational health management minimum values ​​for two euros per insured services are planned. That would mean a significant improvement for preventive measures in the field of workplace health promotion. The GKV (English: Statutory Health Insurance Funds) will determine uniform procedures for quality assurance, certification and evaluation of offerings. Some new and additional tasks are planned for resident doctors in Germany, who should advice and guide their patients more in terms of prevention. The registration of disease burden and risk factors and therefrom derived medical prevention recommendations play an important basis for health insurances to provide benefits.

The overall aim of the prevention law, the self-motivation of the insured and to take active responsibility for their health, should be strengthened. Disease prevention is the generic term for all measures intended to prevent disease , to detect them early or minimize their consequences.

Sources: BSA Academy, DHfPG
Pictures: BSA Academy

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